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Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Ok. since its the holiday, this blog will be, err, on a break? (kot.) dont know.If theres anything valuable of an info or just plain crap, I might consider on blogging bout it here. MIGHT.

But for the time being, (IF ONLY you are at your MOST bored-est moment or so) then you can (consider. TWICE) on checking my other leaky linkage.

My updateless-during-college-time blog

My just-started-because-needed-things-to-do-during-holiday-and-show- example-for-friend-who-says-he-wants-photographer flickr page

Sekian, terima kasih.

Salam sejahtera.
Sunday, July 20, 2008
Yes, after a whole 2-3 months of planning and doing and redo-ing and redo-ing and redo-ing and html-ing, got the final website up. the remake of the SONY BMG MALAYSIA website. *pheww

mataku sudah buta,
memandang skrin komputer yng besar(dan sungguh indah) di meja ku ini,
tapi ku sadar hari ini sudah tiba jua,
untuk submitkan final website ku kepada mereka yng digelarkan sebagai lecturers2,
dan ku akan mulakan,
hari2 ku berparti SEMULA!!!!


sorry.gila2 holiday already. =D

Anyways, heres the link to zee website. SONY BMG MALAYSIA (Please view in IE ONLY!)

Sekian, terima kasih.
Salam sejahtera.
Friday, June 20, 2008
Look who I found eating at A&W in Tman Jaya???

CHEN!WTH are you doing THERE!????Arent you spose to be in Melaka???

I was NOT stalking her, she just so happened to be sitting somewhere infront of me, and I was too AMAZED that she looked soooo much like Chen, with the short hair,cina look,dress up , that I had to take pictures of her...SERIOUSLY!

See Chen, I found your other generation twin!(watch the movie 'THE ONE') =)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
So ok. My brain is not really working that well now. I dont know what might come out during the presentation of these interfaces later at 9am, but whatever it is, I'll apologize in advance, incase I will be/was doing the presentation unconsciously.

Anyways. Here are my first 4 interface for SONY BMG. My concept is "music cities around the world". So,thats why theres the whole city thingy going on there. And Im targeting the teens and working adults, since they are now the ones who use the internet alot and loooove to browse through music online. So, I gave a more refreshing kinda kick to it. something like that. My brains hurting already. Cant think anything else to say. Thats all for now.

Comments & critics. Please? =)

Main page

Main Page (Top 5 opens)

Artists Page

Artists International Page

Events & Contests Page
Wednesday, June 4, 2008

GRAFIK Marketing Communications []

I Love DUST []

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
Ok, so for my corporate website project I have to redo the whole website of Sony BMG Malaysia [ ] daymmnn it's a boring website. I mean, for SONY BMG?!?How could they DO such a thing for the website. tsk tsk. Anyways, here's my client's competitors analysis. the first one out is;

Virgin Records [ ]

Virgin Records are also a record label some what similar to EMI. They have their own sets of artists under them as they are a recording label and will then distribute their music and promote the artists to the bigger market.

Based on the design of the website, it has a clean cut feeling and seems a very neat arrangement of information especially in their Home Page. Things can be clearly seen in the website as there are less text and a nice and simple use of images with minimal text. They obviously used alot of red throughout the website to further emphasize the corporate colour of the company, which in my opinion there is TOO MUCH use of it especially as a background colour. The colour is too straining to the user's eye. What they should have done is either a darker shade of red or a more neutral colour to balance it and not make it too red. However, I like the change of images they put in the center in the Home Page,which somehow killed off the straining of the red colour.

The content that they have in their websites are 'news', 'artists', 'releases', 'appearances', 'music+videos' and 'free stuff'.

The layout of the 'Artists' page is quite different compared to the other competitors. Instead of putting the various artists images on the page, they have instead placed the artists name in a A to Z position, and beside it include an XML feed to the artists latest news,tours,link to their own site and user can also sign up to the artist newsletter. This will then be easier for user to browse through the artist that they want and get the information about them easily in a simple click.

When the user explores into the 'Releases' section, that is where they can find the latest releases of albums from the various artists and they have a button for them to click and purchase their album. Instead of them waiting for the delivery of the artist's album to appear on their doorsteps, in Virgin Records, they would purchase the album though ITunes. This has an advantage and disadvantage. In a way, they have moved along with the trend of selling the mp3s of the album to the user, but the bad thing is that the user wont have a solid copy of it and it gives a different feeling towards to the user depending on the person itself.

Unlike EMI records where the user will be lead to a different window opening up to their special youtube page, Virgin Records have instead built-in their own section of playing music and videos of their artist in their website. The user have the option of playing the audio,video or just to purchase the artists song of their likes.

Home Page

Artist Page

Mailing List Pop-up

Releases Page

Music & Videos
EMI Records [ ]

EMI are more of a record label which handles the artists and help in their promotion and development of the artist. They would provide information about the artists that are under their record label and the event listings and album releases. They also work with independent labels such as Heavenly and DFA Records.

For their website, the look and brand identity can be seen with the corporate colour being used in the layout. Design wise, it is interesting how they had made it look so simple but yet it can still catch peoples attention within the website. It is interesting of how they would just have to reuse the same page design throughout the whole website with only the content changing. They had just divided the page into three; 'Navigation','Sub Navigation' and 'Sub Section'. Navigation would contain the main navigations such as Home, About Us, Artists etc. whereas Sub Navi will appear once you have selected the option from Navigation. And Sub Section will show the content of it all.

They had only made two pages to open up into a new window which is the 'Youtube Channel' section and the 'Mailing List'.

The 'Youtube Channel' section is one of their special feature that they have included in the website which user are able to listen and watch the music videos of their artists in their specially designed youtube page.

The mailing list enables user to subscribe themselves to their newsletter to find out further information or updates about their artists that they like to their email.

Some disadvantages that I find in this website is the loading time. It takes awhile compared to the rest of the other competitor's website since this one uses flash. Therefore for users who for example are using dial-up or have slow internet connection might have difficulty to browse through this site. The loading page of when the user wants to jump from one page to another is interesting, but after awhile of looking at it, it somehow makes the user feel abit dizzy.
Another disadvantage is the font size that they use. It is abit too small for users to read through the large amount of text that they have provided especially for people who have bad eye sights. The white font colour doesnt really help either after awhile.

Home Page

Artists Page

Youtube Channel

Mailing List Page